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Menstrual Cycle and Fertility

A journey dedicated to the female cycle, within the protected space of the personalized consultation.   

Menstrual cyclicity, hormonal well-being, fertility, study of the signals of your body, contraception, menopause.


For women of all ages, before, during and after the fertile age, to accompany you in reading and understanding the signals of your body and solve problems thanks to herbal remedies, massages, use of oils, and other holistic techniques.

I can help you if:        


  • you suffer from menstrual pain      

  • you have premenstrual spotting

  • you have irregular cycles      

  • you have premenstrual syndrome      

  • you want to deepen the knowledge of your menstrual cycle for personal growth, fertility study or contraception, trying to solve a problem and start living better 

  • you are waiting for your first menstruation and you want to know how your young woman's body is getting ready to work (also for mom-daughter couple)    

  • you are looking for a pregnancy

  • you are having trouble in beaing pregnant

  • you received a diagnosis of infertility  

  • you are looking for a holistic and natural approach to well-being in menopause 

During the meeting, after careful data collection of your personal history and your current health conditions, the reading of any exams already performed and other reports, can follow the time of the examination, and finally the choice of which therapeutic or knowledge path to undertake according to your needs and desires.

ciclo mestruale e fertilità

Taking care about women's health and maternity

Eleonora Bernardini
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