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ibu robin lim

In Bali with Ibu Robin Lim

at Bumi Sehat Foundation clinic

august 2019

about me

My name is Eleonora, born in 1988.

I live in Seregno, Monza, with my husband Claudio, and our cats Eva and Marlen.

Always sensitive to gender equality issues and the protection of the weakest, I chose to become a midwife in order to combine professionalism with the passion that has always ignited me.

My personal training has drawn energy from the years of theater, from the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki and Pranic Energy Healing courses, from dance therapy seminars, from volunteering experiences in an orphanage in Kenya and in Italian centers for assistance to migrant mothers seeking asylum.

I believe in the importance of knowledge and awareness for self-determination and the search for one's own well-being. I support the choice of women and mothers by practicing listening, kindness, empathy.

Dance-therapist in training, I believe in the power of bodies to feel, communicate, heal.

Vocational traning and

work experience

After my scientific high school diploma, I graduated in Midwifery in 2010 at the University of Milan - Bicocca, 110/110, with a thesis on midwifery care for women who have undergone genital mutilation.

The experience gained thanks to the internship in the San Gerardo hospital in Monza, excellence throughout Italy on midwifery care, and the months spent on humanitarian missions in two hospitals in rural areas of Kenya, pushed me, once back in Italy, to look for a different way to be a midwife. I decided to become ad independent midwife, starting from home visits and then opening a professional studio in Carate Brianza (MB), to try to fill the care gap that women live after childbirth, once they return home with their child from hospital.


Over the years, through training courses, participation in conferences, collaborations with colleagues, meetings with women, couples and children, I have specialized in pelvic floor rehabilitation and breastfeeding assistance. I assisted women in gynecology, infertility and poliabortivity clinics, collaborated for home birth assistance, assisted low-risk pregnancies independently, conducted land and water courses for pregnant women and after childbirth.


Today I offer assistance to women and mothers for women's health and maternity, at home and in different clinics, in Brianza and Milan.

Eleonora Bernardini
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